Making Beads, Making Friends

Connie O'Connell and Jill Huelskamp

Connie O’Connell and Jill Huelskamp

These are my friends Jill and Connie in Asheville, N.C. at Hot Times in the Mountains Glass Bead Makers retreat.  Jill and Connie met on Facebook years ago playing Farmville.  In the process of growing fake corn and killing zombies (or whatever it is you do in Farmville, I’m more of a Sudoku girl myself) they started talking and discovered they both made glass beads.  Nothing bonds us together faster than the mutual love of fire and molten glass! Right?

I had been making the trek south twice a year to spend a glorious long weekend doing nothing but melting glass with my fellow pyros.  This past March Jill decided to go with me and meet her friend face to face.  It was a Hallmark moment.

We may have frozen our asses off, but our hearts are warmer.

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