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An Excellent Adventure in Milwaulkee


I’m home from Bead & Button and almost recovered – although my studio is totally wrecked.  Clean up is never as much fun as was had making the mess in the first place.

Above is a pic of a couple of my students from my Pod Lampworking Class. They were excellent students and made some great looking pods.  The ladies in the pendant class on Sunday also created beautiful work.  I’m hoping a good time was had by all.

I thank all my students and customers – I’m thrilled my work is going all over the country as well as Canada, Italy,  Australia,  England, Bermuda, and Japan!

And did I mention I came home with some pretty awesome work from other artists myself?

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snowmaggedon snowmaggedon close up 3

Sooooo glad spring has finally hit Ohio, although I haven’t put away my sweaters and coat just yet, it is, after all, Ohio.  I did put my snow days to good use I think: beading like crazy on this over the top piece and binge watching Netflix (and fending off a few cats who think it is fabulous that I get out thread and yarn and strands of beads for them!).  Have some events coming up to get in gear for: Trunk Shows at Beaded Bliss, The Bead Stash and my first trip to Bead & Button as an instructor.  Oh boy…

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“Where O Where Do My Little Baubles Go?” Contest

susan robertson and bad botany

This is my friend (and customer) Susan Ford Robertson wearing one of my “Botany Gone Bad” necklaces.  Susan lives in beautiful South Carolina, a vacation destination for many of us Northerners.  It occurred to me that my jewelry and beads often get to go to places that I have never been. So, I think I will have contest for the best photo of you, my friends, wearing a piece of my jewelry/bead, having fun.  The rules are simple:

1. Wear my jewelry somewhere.

2. Take selfie (or get someone to take it for you)

3. Send it to @ (yes I will post it far and wide).

4. Do it by September 15, 2014

I’m thinking a pair of earrings to the person with the best pic.

And yes, Susan, you are entered!

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Making Beads, Making Friends

Connie O'Connell and Jill Huelskamp

Connie O’Connell and Jill Huelskamp

These are my friends Jill and Connie in Asheville, N.C. at Hot Times in the Mountains Glass Bead Makers retreat.  Jill and Connie met on Facebook years ago playing Farmville.  In the process of growing fake corn and killing zombies (or whatever it is you do in Farmville, I’m more of a Sudoku girl myself) they started talking and discovered they both made glass beads.  Nothing bonds us together faster than the mutual love of fire and molten glass! Right?

I had been making the trek south twice a year to spend a glorious long weekend doing nothing but melting glass with my fellow pyros.  This past March Jill decided to go with me and meet her friend face to face.  It was a Hallmark moment.

We may have frozen our asses off, but our hearts are warmer.

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Recharging the Artistic Battery

the bead theif 2012Just came back from a weekend retreat that the Miami Valley Lampwork Bead Artists (MVLBA) put on. It was a blast! We hosted two great teachers – Marjorie Langston and Terry Hale – and I think all of our heads were filled to exhaustion.

I always come back from a retreat and/or class totally jazzed artistically (well, once I recover from lack of sleep and too many adult beverages). Although, I seldom come home with a masterpiece, I always come away with new tricks, new ideas, connect with old friends and maybe make some new ones. I find that I’m excited to get back in the studio to try to put the new tricks and ideas into my work. Often these outings get me out of ruts or help if I have been feeling blocked. Will post some pics of the results soon.

I’m going to Asheville N.C. on Thursday for another retreat (yes it’s a busy month – hope the hubby and cats remember who I am when I get done). It’s one of my favorites – Fire on the Mountain – and this time they have asked me to demo. Little more pressure to be in the spotlight – must remember to talk while I’m working!

P.S. The photo included in this post is piece I made while taking a class with Deb Karash at Arrowmont. It’s one time I think I created something really nice DURING a class. It’s called “The Bead Thief; My Alter Ego.” Ha!

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Not a Flowery Girly Girl

grey polymer clay and glass drop pendantI’m not really a flowery type of person.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them in my yard and I like it when I get them from the man who promised to bring them to me on occasion.  I don’t make pretty flower beads or jewelry. But yet the manage to show up anyway.  They are usually more in the form of “Botany gone Bad.”  And this is a prime example.

I was teaching a little bead embroidery class to a couple of friends, and this was gonna just be a sample.  Ended up really liking it and of course I had to muck it up with some glass. Totally my usual grey/green color palette: not what I would call “pretty” colors.

Lovely Polymer Clay Cab by Priscilla Lane actually started out in life as a button.  Hope she doesn’t mind.

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