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    1. Hi Karen – The Cost for the class is $55, plus material fee of $20 for brass or $30 for silver. Hope you got signed up with Cathy at Beaded Bliss Designs. If not her number is 513-202-1706. Hope to see you again.

  1. My wife Karen would like to attend this class. She will be coming down from Columbus, OH. What does she need to do to sign up?

    1. Hi Keith, Karen can sign up through Beaded Bliss Designs @ 513 – 206-1706. Cost is $55 plus Materials fee of $20 for brass, $30 for sterling. Thanks. Hope to see Karen again.

  2. Hi Mary. I really had a great time in your class this last Saturday. I have passed your name on to Ron Stevens. He is the Director of the Art Center and Craftsummer. Just in case his e-mail is Take care and thanks again for the awesome class.

  3. I am interested in taking a class with you. Will you list the calendar of classes available in the Northeast this year please?

    1. Hi Karen – Unfortunately I have nothing scheduled for the Northeast this year. I will be in Virginia in 2018, but that’s as far east that I have planned for now. Will post here and on Facebook when new classes get added. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I am also interested in taking a class with you. Preferably this year some time. Could you please post when and where you will be teaching in the Northeast?

    1. Hi Sarah!

      I don’t have anything scheduled for Arizona at this point. Only thing I have scheduled out west is The BABE Show in Oakland, Ca in November. Will keep you posted.

  5. Hello, Mary!
    Do you have dates and location for your 2018 Virginia classes? Would love to attend a colored pencil workshop. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa –

      Sorry for the slow response – your question got buried in a multitude of spam. I believe I am scheduled to teach at Art and Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach. Dates are Oct 1-6, 2018. haven’t totally firmed that up with them yet but should know more soon.


  6. Mary,
    I am extremely interested in taking a class from you in 2018!
    Will you have your schedule out soon?
    My Best
    Cathy McKervey

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