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Not a Flowery Girly Girl

grey polymer clay and glass drop pendantI’m not really a flowery type of person.  Don’t get me wrong, I like them in my yard and I like it when I get them from the man who promised to bring them to me on occasion.  I don’t make pretty flower beads or jewelry. But yet the manage to show up anyway.  They are usually more in the form of “Botany gone Bad.”  And this is a prime example.

I was teaching a little bead embroidery class to a couple of friends, and this was gonna just be a sample.  Ended up really liking it and of course I had to muck it up with some glass. Totally my usual grey/green color palette: not what I would call “pretty” colors.

Lovely Polymer Clay Cab by Priscilla Lane actually started out in life as a button.  Hope she doesn’t mind.

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